Fashion designer takes up contact lenses

Fashion designer takes up contact lenses

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs has taken up wearing contact lenses as part of a change of appearance, it has been reported.

Ariel Levy made the report in the Telegraph when she interviewed him.

Noting how he has transformed from his bespectacled, long-haired younger self, Ms Levy noted that he has cut his hair, is now tanned and toned and wears contact lenses.

She also reported how Mr Jacobs has grown to enjoy taking care of his appearance.

Fashionable people who wear contact lenses may appreciate advice given on essortment.com about combining them with make-up.

Using pressed powder instead of loose can help to prevent particles falling into one"s eyes and irritating them.

The website also suggests using a combined foundation and powder, which have a more moist consistency and can also help to prevent having powder go into the eyes by accident.

For eyeliner and mascara, waterproof products are recommended.

by Adrian Galbreth

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