Contact lenses in New Zealand "improve sight overnight"

Contact lenses in New Zealand "improve sight overnight"

Contact lenses which are claimed to help correct vision while the wearer sleeps are being used in New Zealand.

Radio New Zealand reports how the products, called "revise retainer" lenses, are worn overnight and are intended to reshape the eye, changing its focus.

As a result, the theory goes, they can help with short-sightedness and to slow down myopia.

Auckland optometrist Lynden Mason said the technology could help prevent children"s sight from deteriorating as they grow up and that a version of the contact lenses for far-sighted people is also in its early stages.

One myth regarding children and contact lenses, which has been busted by Acuvue, is that wearing them can cause short-sightedness to worsen.

Acuvue cites a recent study of children aged eight to 11 showing that short-sightedness did not deteriorate any more in those wearing contact lenses than in those who used spectacles.

by Martin Burns

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