New contact lenses "will produce 3D panoramic images"

New contact lenses "will produce 3D panoramic images"

By Adrian Galbreth

A new type of contact lens in development may lead to people's everyday vision not only being restored, but advanced beyond the normal capabilities of the human eye, it has been claimed.

The technology website Ubergizmo claimed that contact lenses are currently being developed that could allow people to view breathtaking 3D panoramic landscapes without having to wear bulging glasses or use a handheld device.

Instead, the lenses, which have an outer filter, a centre filter and a display lens, project slightly different pictures onto each eye that can generate a 3D illusion in full high definition.

"Imagine a transparent, high-performance contact lens that can deliver full-colour megapixel displays right there and then, where such displays in front of you are equal to the performance of a 240" TV that is viewed from ten feet away," the source stated.

Meanwhile, Defense Advanced Research Projects agency's researchers at Washington-based Innovega iOptiks are also hard at work on contacts that allow the wearer to view virtual and augmented reality images without the need for bulky apparatus.

by Martin Burns

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