Tragic crash girl gives others gift of sight

Tragic crash girl gives others gift of sight

By Alexa Kaczka

A girl who was killed by a motorist who had failed an eye exam but continued to drive his car donated her eyes after death so that other people could see, it has been revealed.

Cassie McCord, 16, was killed in her home town of Colchester in February last year when an 87-year-old man who had failed an on-the-spot eye test after being involved in a minor accident drove into her on the pavement.

After she died, it was revealed that she had been on the Organ Donor's list and had agreed that here eyes could be used to restore vision to other people - with both her corneas and scleras used to do this.

Now, a year after the accident, her friends and family are campaigning for a new law to be introduced to enable police to seize and confiscate the driving licence of anyone who fails an on-the-spot sight test, as Cassie's killer did.

Her mother Jackie is leading the calls for the legislation to be implemented, and recently received a letter of support from Sean White, the assistant chief constable of Cleveland and lead officer for collision investigation for the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Essex County Standard reported.

"It is right to say there is a gap in the law in respect of the powers of police officers to deal with such individuals as in the case of Cassie's tragic loss. It was, of course, the case police officers had sought to discourage the driver from using his car in the days prior to your daughter’s tragic death," he said.

Mr White reiterated his "fullest support" for the cause and said he had already mentioned the issue to the Department for Transport during a meeting, and intended to do so again in the future.

by Adrian Galbreth

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