Mountain trekking mother has laser eye surgery

Mountain trekking mother has laser eye surgery

A Scottish mother who trekked Mount Kilimanjaro for charity underwent laser eye surgery as part of her preparation.

Yasmeen Ali said that the treatment had helped her when she suffered from altitude sickness during the journey and believed that she would have been even more ill had she not had the procedure.

She was sponsored by Optical Express to carry out the trek to raise money for Kidney Research UK.

Optical Express carried out the surgery on her eyes prior to her departure.

However, Ms Ali was struck by altitude sickness at 15,000 feet, while 4,340 feet short of the mountain"s peak.

Suffering nausea and headaches, she was not able to continue.

She was grateful for having had the surgery, stating: "I shudder to think what state I would have been in without having laser eye treatment beforehand."

Optical Express offers LASIK and LASEK laser eye surgery.

It claims that its surgeons have, collectively, performed more than 600,000 such treatments.

by Alexa Kaczka

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