Many eye injuries "the result of negligence"

Many eye injuries "the result of negligence"

By Alexa Kaczka

Many eye injuries suffered in the workplace could have been easily avoided if more caution had been exhibited, one expert has noted.

Speaking at the World Ophthalmology Congress, Ayesha Al Zeyodi, general ophthalmologist at Fujairah Hospital, said that the majority of eye injuries she has seen occurred because of employees' negligence of safety procedures in factories and other places of work.

"In addition, some workers want to finish work in a hurry and do not put on protective goggles every time they begin hazardous tasks like woodcutting and welding," she told Gulf News.

The expert explained that 90 per cent of eye injuries are caused by a failure to wear protective eyewear where it is necessary and this will continue to be the case as long as safety regulations are ignored.

It comes after David Parkins, a spokesman from the College of Optometrists, recently said that any environment that could result in people's eyes being injured requires them to wear protective goggles or a similar precautionary measure.

by Martin Burns

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