Opticians "can recommend the right contact lenses"

Opticians "can recommend the right contact lenses"

By Martin Burns

A visit to an optician to update a contacts lens prescription is a great opportunity to discuss the most suitable type of lens to wear, it has been noted.

Deirdre Dillane, an optician based in Cork, Ireland, told the Cork News that many people wear the same type of contact lens their whole life, and are perfectly happy, though there are plenty of options available, based on a person's prescription.

As the eyes can change over time, it is always best to have regular consultations with an optician, who can recommend the most suitable contacts for each individual, she explained.

"Everybody's lifestyle is unique and how that affects the contact lens wearer is also unique. For example, some eyes need extra added moisture for refreshment throughout the day. Communicating with your optician will significantly improve your awareness of what's right for you," the expert told the newspaper.

Dr Susan Blakeney, from the College of Optometrists, recently told the Daily Mail that the results of eye tests can often vary, resulting in slightly different recommendations for prescriptions, so it is always best to be examined more than once.

by Martin Burns

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