Sports players "should protect against eye injuries"

Sports players "should protect against eye injuries"

By Alexa Kaczka

People can help to limit their chances of suffering an eye injury while playing sport by investing in protective eyewear, one specialist has pointed out.

Dr Rupesh Agrawal, associate ophthalmology consultant from Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore, said he has seen many cases of people being brought in for treatment because they have failed to use proper protective equipment.

He told Gulf News that games such as baseball and hockey are especially risky, particularly as many children play these sports, and so parents must ensure that little ones always put on helmets or goggles.

"In addition, injuries sustained during badminton and squash when the ball or the cork hits the eyes are also generally severe. Unfortunately however, players do not to wear any protective gear while playing such sports," the expert said.

The expert specifically recommended the use of polycarbonate, wraparound goggles when playing sports, as these can offer maximum protection for both the eyes and the eye sockets.

The key reason why eye injuries are so prevalent is because many people do not take any precautions, even though they are so easy to implement in the majority of cases, the expert concluded.

by Emily Tait

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