Eye make-up products for 2009 detailed

Eye make-up products for 2009 detailed

Tips on using new eye make-up products to be released soon for 2009 have been given.

Scottish newspaper the Daily Record recommended eye primer by Guerlain, soon to be released, which it described as "a sort of foundation for the eyelids".

Use of such a primer, the paper explained, helps to keep the eyelids smooth and looking brighter, even if no other product is applied to them.

If the wearer does want to apply make-up, primer can make it easier to put on and help prevent it from coming off.

The newspaper also reported the pending launch of Clinique"s High Impact Curling Mascara, released on February 1st.

This product can be washed off using only water.

Website essortment.com recommends using waterproof mascara if one is wearing contact lenses.

The product should also be labelled as suitable for contact lens wearers and hypo-allergenic.

Silicone and fibre-based mascaras should also not be worn with contact lenses.

by Adrian Galbreth

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