New treatment for presbyopia being developed

New treatment for presbyopia being developed

A new light-based therapy aimed at treating the age-related sight condition presbyopia is being developed in the US.

The New York Times reports how transscleral light therapy is in its early trials with the US"s Food and Drug Administration, according to development company Oculatek"s chief executive Jim Ohneck.

Mr Ohneck told the paper that the treatment, which involves using light to strengthen the ciliary muscle in the eye, will need at least a year longer before it becomes widely available.

Test subject Randy Savin had ten-minute sessions every week for five weeks, followed by six-monthly treatments.

He says he rarely needs distance glasses for night driving and does not require spectacles for reading.

Presbyopia is caused when the lens of an eye loses its flexibility as a person ages.

Growing older causes muscle fibres and lens proteins to change, bringing about the condition.

Sufferers may find they have to hold things further away in order to read them.

by Adrian Galbreth

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