Contact lenses "have many advantages" over glasses

Contact lenses "have many advantages" over glasses

By Martin Burns

People considering making the switch from glasses to contact lenses have been informed that there are many benefits to be had from opting for contacts.

The health advice site Newsolio.com noted that contacts avoid many of the disadvantages of glasses, with comfort and hygiene being two of the main factors.

"Being in the eye they don’t collect dust to interfere with vision, they place no weight on the nose or ears, they correct peripheral vision, and they can't fog up like glasses do when the wearer exerts his or herself," the site noted.

It also pointed out that recent advances in the development of the materials used for contact lenses means they are suitable for many people who had previously been told they could not wear contacts, with extended wear lenses in particular benefitting from these advances.

It comes after Damian Conway, an optician from Norwich, recently pointed out to Sportsvibe that contact lenses can be more comfortable and convenient than glasses, as they eliminate slipping or fogging up, which are too common complaints among spectacle wearers.

by Alexa Kaczka

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