Glaucoma report released

Glaucoma report released

Details about glaucoma and the ophthalmic market are available in a new report released on an online resource.

The report, which is available for purchase from researchandmarkets.com and written by Koncept Analytics, covers topics such as the market size regarding glaucoma as well as charts and tables with relevant information.

Company profiles are also included in the report, which is titled "Global Opthalmic Market: Focus on Glaucoma" and can be bought as a hard copy or as a pdf file.

Market dynamics and forecasts are other topics that are discussed in the study.

According to the source, the global market for opthalmics and glaucoma is two or three times that of the US one.

Glaucoma is the term given to a set of eye ailments caused by pressure within the eye.

Such conditions can eventually cause blindness by damaging the optic nerve.

Earlier symptoms may include pain in the eye or blurred vision.

Proper eye check-ups can detect it.

by Martin Burns

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