Many glasses wearers "have incorrect prescriptions"

Many glasses wearers "have incorrect prescriptions"

By Alexa Kaczka

Many people who wear glasses do not have the correct prescription and are potentially putting themselves at risk of injury, a new report suggests.

The UK-wide study into vision correction shows that 1.5 million have suffered accidents as a result of insufficiently corrective eyewear, with more than one in three people having glasses that are wearing the wrong prescription.

Furthermore, nearly 50 per cent of the people who require corrective lenses have experienced eye strain, with this problem being particularly acute in the workplace due to the prevalence of computer screens and smartphones.

This is also despite 69 per cent of the 1,146 questioned for the survey claiming that having perfect vision is a vital aspect of their job.

Aaron Magness, a spokesperson for Lensway, which carried out the study, said a significant number of people may be at risk at home, work and during their commute due to not wearing the correct prescription.

In spite of these dangers, 42 per cent of people admit to regularly not wearing their corrective eyewear, citing out-of-date prescriptions as a common reason, while over a third of respondents doubted the accuracy of their lenses given the elapsed time between eye tests.

"It's quite alarming to see that people aren't sure if their prescription is right. Life without perfect vision is unthinkable for most of us, so it should be routine for people to regularly check their prescriptions," Mr Magness explained.

He added that contact lenses are now more affordable than ever, so there is no excuse for people to be sticking with glasses that have an outdated prescription".

It comes after Deirdre Dillane, an optician based in Cork, Ireland, told the Cork News that a visit to an optician to update a contacts lens prescription is a great opportunity to discuss the most suitable type of lens to wear.

by Alexa Kaczka

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