Contact lens comfort "is easy to achieve"

Contact lens comfort "is easy to achieve"

By Alexa Kaczka

The majority of contact lens users will find that wearing them is easy and comfortable and they have no major problems, one expert has asserted.

Leading optician Nick Atkins explained that there are a couple of things that people can do to ensure that they never experience any problems with their contacts.

Put simply, people should follow the advice of their contact lens practitioner on the wear and care of the lenses, as well as always attending routine aftercare appointments every six to 12 months, he added.

Another piece of advice contact lens wearers can follow is to always carry a spare pair with them, just in case they get any dirt in their eye or if they are planning on being away from home for longer than the manufacturer's recommended wear time, the expert stated.

Speaking to Gulf News recently, Dr Dasa Gangadhar, an ophthalmology consultant for the Grene Vision Group in Kansas, US, said people cannot afford to take shortcuts with their contact lenses and must always aim to be as hygienic as possible when inserting or storing them.

by Alexa Kaczka

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