Office workers "must safeguard their vision"

Office workers "must safeguard their vision"

By Alexa Kaczka

People whose job involves spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen need to do all they can to ensure that they are protecting their vision, an expert has advised.

Leading optician Nick Atkins pointed out that there are thousands of people around the UK who spend hours at a time staring at a monitor and may be compromising their vision as a result.

Even though UK employers are now legally obliged to pay for their employees' eye tests if their job constitutes frequent computer use, there are ways in which staff can do their own bit to protect their eyes, Mr Atkins noted.

He explained that there are numerous causes for the eyes becoming dry, however external environmental influences such as computer use is increasingly affecting people with otherwise healthy eyes.

"Computer use reduces blinking and thus the natural lubrication of the eyes surface, and this fact, combined with the large percentage of computer users working in dry air conditioned offices, only increases the problem," the expert pointed out.

To avoid this, he suggested taking regular breaks and doing blink exercises (involving 30 to 60 seconds of deliberate blinking and eye movement), as well drinking plenty of water to maintain hydration.

Additionally, using eye drops can not only provide rapid relief but also help prevent symptoms occurring if regularly used two to three times a day, Mr Atkins advised.

Recently, Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio Logic Aqua Research and host of Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, said that many people have experienced eye strain following a long session on the computer at work or playing video games at home, but few people take steps to prevent it or even remedy the cure.

She advocated using an all-water eye mist to soothe dry eye symptoms, as it hydrates the natural tear film in a similar way to how a humid environment hydrates the eyes.

by Adrian Galbreth

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