Contact lenses "popular with brides on their wedding day"

Contact lenses "popular with brides on their wedding day"

By Emily Tait

Women who wear glasses often encounter a problem when it comes to their wedding day, as they want to look beautiful but do not want wedding pictures to show the light reflecting off their lenses.

For these women, there is an easy solution, according to one expert, who has pointed out that contact lenses can eliminate this problem.

When the big day rolls around, Shilpa Bhojani from Confetti.co.uk said that an increasing number of brides-to-be are opting to wear contact lenses over glasses before and after the nuptials because of the enhanced convenience.

"We've found from our online forums that many Confetti brides who are glasses wearers are planning to wear contact lenses on their big day. Although they are the easiest option for brides that want to go without their specs," she added.

Newlyweds who opt to change their outfit after the ceremony could even remove their contact lenses before the evening reception and wear glasses for a noticeable change of accessory, Ms Bhojani suggested.

by Martin Burns

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