Julianne Moore becomes Sarah Palin thanks to contact lenses

Julianne Moore becomes Sarah Palin thanks to contact lenses

By Emily Tait

Contact lenses have helped Oscar-nominated actress Julianne Moore to transform herself into former Governor of Alaska and Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin for the new HBO series Game Change.

Speaking to the people, Moore, who has been nominated for Academy Awards on four occasions, revealed that the makeup process lasted almost two hours and involved much trickier efforts on the part of the effects team.

As well as wearing different coloured contact lenses from her own eye tone, Moore had to have fake tan applied to resemble Palin's complexion, have her normally red hair dyed, and have her face contoured slightly so she looked more like the politician.

Her contact lenses were designed by Dr Mitchell Cassel, who helped to transform Nicole Kidman's eyes in the 2002 film The Hours – which Moore also starred in – and he revealed that the iris part of the lens needed to be increased so Moore's eyes would look bigger and darker.

'The glasses were exactly the same ones [Palin] wears, but they were scaled down because my face is a little bit smaller," Moore added.

According to the actress, the transformation was so realistic that she often forgot she had the makeup on and some fellow cast members were bamboozled by how similar to Palin she looked.

by Martin Burns

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