Man offers advertising space in his eyes

Man offers advertising space in his eyes

By Adrian Galbreth

An unemployed man is offering companies the chance to invest in some eye-catching advertising by wearing contact lenses with their logos on.

Mahmood Choudhury will wear contact lenses featuring the logo or symbol of the firm for a minimum of seven days.

Companies will be able to choose whether their logo appears on the pupil, iris, sclera and on one eye or both. 

Prices start at £1,000 per day for the service, and businesses will be able to bid on eBay or purchase through his website.

After submitting a logo to Mr Choudhury, customers will wait between a few days to four weeks until the finished contact lens is inserted into his eye.

He explained: "This depends on complexity of logo transfer onto the lens, where it is required on the eyes as well as any required time for edits or changes to make it fit better.

"The plan is to offer a minimum of one week’s advertising space to anyone who is interested."

by Emily Tait

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