Leave contact lenses at home during eyebrow shaping

Leave contact lenses at home during eyebrow shaping

By Adrian Galbreth

People visiting beauty salons to get their eyebrows shaped should protect their contact lenses by removing the eyewear, one expert has noted.

Opthalmologist Dr Ross Pullikkan noted in the Times of India that the process of getting eyebrows plucked, waxed and threaded with their contact lenses in could be subjecting the eyewear to unnecessary wear and tear.

When getting their eyebrows shaped, customers are asked to place pressure on their closed eyelid in order to tighten the skin, which the expert believes could harm the lens.

Dr Pullikkan advised: "If you do not want to remove your lens, at least roll down your eye balls before placing your fingertips on the eye. This will reduce the pressure on the lens."

If people are receiving any other hair or beauty treatments at the salon, it is a good idea to leave the lenses out, adds the doctor, as many cosmetics could also harm the lenses.

by Martin Burns

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