"Get the eye right" when inserting contact lenses

"Get the eye right" when inserting contact lenses

By Alexa Kaczka

Although the vast majority of people follow contact lens instructions perfectly, some people continue to make errors when inserting the vision correction products, it has been noted.

The health advice site Newsolio.com explained that one issue which a surprising number of people encounter is inserting contact lenses into the wrong eye.

Although there are many people who have equal vision in each eye, others have different prescriptions and therefore need to take care when inserting their lenses.

"To prevent this switch in the first place, you should only open and install one lens at a time. Keep the left lens in its closed case until the right lens is properly fitted, then take it out and install it," the site advised.

If people believe they have placed the right lens in the left eye, they should switch it back immediately before installing the other wrong lens, or even open a new pack entirely, the site advised.

It added that people who wear disposable lenses may find that this is only a problem for a short time, but it should still be avoided, where possible.

by Martin Burns

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