Putting the clocks forward "causes car crashes"

Putting the clocks forward "causes car crashes"

By Alexa Kaczka

Moving the clock forward an hour for daylight savings time certainly has its benefits, but this does not include the rise in the number of car crashes at this time of year, because of eyesight problems, it has been noted.

Adrian Brown, the RSA's UK and western Europe chief executive, warned that the extra hour means the evenings are lighter, but at first this hampers drivers who are commuting from work and have to contend with the sun dipping over the horizon and creating glare.

"We see an increase in crashes at this time of the year once the clocks go forward, particularly in the early evening. It's often when driving during twilight hours that people first notice problems with their vision," he added.

Mr Brown took the opportunity to point out that, just as an MOT and service is important for keeping a car in good order, regular eye tests are vital to ensure people's eyes are roadworthy too.

All drivers should follow medical advice and have their eyes examined every couple of years to determine whether they need contact lenses or glasses, he recommended.

by Martin Burns

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