Expert aims to cure vision in developing world

Expert aims to cure vision in developing world

By Alexa Kaczka

An acclaimed vision specialist who has helped to restore the eyesight of thousands of people in developing nations has been spreading the word about the need to continue the good work.

Sanduk Ruit told Fox News that he is hosting an event in the US to help raise awareness of the need for experts to aid him in his quest to help those in need and boost healthcare provision.

His work involves recruiting surgeons from around the world and travelling with them to remote villages, where they provide for education and help to restore vision.

The latest event was held by the Utah's The Moran Eye Center and will hopefully lead to more underprivileged people with sight problems being cured, he explained.

"Nearly 20 million people are affected worldwide, and mostly in developing countries. It's a simple surgery that costs about 30 dollars a case," he told the news provider.

Jenny Wilson, executive director of institutional advancement for the Moran Eye Center, added that many patients have been blind for years and get to see their grandchildren for the first time as a result of the procedure, which highlights the vital work being done.

by Adrian Galbreth

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