Correct eyewear "is vital" when playing sport

Correct eyewear "is vital" when playing sport

By Alexa Kaczka

It is vital that anybody who regularly plays sport ensures they use the correct eyewear when taking part in energetic activities, it has been noted.

Using proper eyewear can not only ensure that people look the part, but it can protect their eyes when taking part in certain activities and act as vision correction if they require it, explained Mary Comber, editor of Health & Fitness.

She explained that for complete ease of performance and UV protection, several companies make sport-specific prescription eyewear in clear or coloured lenses, including wrap-around styles for active workouts.

"Others tailor lenses to specific environmental and light conditions – for example anti-glare for water sports and road running, polarised interchangeable lenses or vented anti-fogging lenses," she added.

Meanwhile, further innovations include moisture chamber glasses, with a soft eye seal to prevent watery or dry eyes in windy conditions, or when air conditioning is on, Mc Comber noted, adding that the options are "endless".

It comes after Damian Conway, an optician from Norwich, recently pointed out to Sportsvibe that contact lenses can be more comfortable and convenient than glasses when playing sport, as they will not slip or fog up - common complaints among spectacle wearers.

by Emily Tait

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