Eyesight lamps "could damage vision"

Eyesight lamps "could damage vision"

By Alexa Kaczka

Using an eyesight lamp to help assist with activities such as reading may actually have a negative effect on vision, it has been claimed.

The Yangtze Evening News has reported that a mother in China bought the device for her son in order to assist him when reading, but noticed that, rather than making the task easier, he was struggling even more.

"I bought an eyesight protection lamp for my son, but his degree of myopia increased sharply over the course of a month", she explained.

One expert told the source that, although the unique selling point of eyesight lamps is that they do not emit strobes, the fact is the speed of the strobe is actually too fast to be noticed by the human eye.

This can result in the eyes suffering fatigue after an extended period of time, the specialist noted.

Wang Yuliang, head of the ophthalmology department of the provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, told the newspaper that the best way to boost vision is to take part in more outdoor activities, rather than using any kind of eyesight protection lamp.

by Emily Tait

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