"Don"t be afraid" of laser eye surgery

"Don"t be afraid" of laser eye surgery

By Adrian Galbreth

People who are in need of vision correction but unsure about the safety and comfort of laser eye surgery have been advised not to worry about the procedure or its recovery process.

Dr Rajesh Khanna, an international Lasik expert and owner of the Khanna Institute of Lasik and Refractive Surgery, explained that he has improved the vision of some of the most well-known celebrities, athletes and musicians on the planet, many of whom have trepidations before undergoing the procedure.

He explained that phobias and fears have prevented many people from seeking laser eye surgery and experiencing clarity of vision, but this does not have to be the case.

"Are you afraid of someone touching your eyes? Has fear kept you in the bondage of those of archaic glasses? You are not alone. Fear of LASIK eye surgery has prevented a whole generation from enjoying the visual liberty they deserve," the expert noted.

However, Dr Khanna noted that today's laser eye surgery procedure is a significant departure from the early days of the operation, when stories of things going wrong put many people off.

Today, the overwhelming majority of people who have the operation experience no long-term side-effects whatsoever and benefit from crystal clear vision.

He noted that numbing eye drops, local blocks, state-of-the-art technology and comfort zones in surgeries ensure that patients remain calm, comfortable and pain free.

People who have made up their mind to undergo laser eye surgery but are unsure of which type of procedure to have may find that Lasik allows for quicker recovery than Lasek, the Royal College of Ophthalmologists recently noted.

Although Lasik is a riskier operation that involves cutting a flap in the eye to carry out correction, Lasek involves scraping away the surface and so has a longer recovery time, the organisation stated.

by Adrian Galbreth

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