Eye problems that come with age

Eye problems that come with age

The ways in which the years take their toll on people"s eyesight have been highlighted in a recent article.

The three most common changes people experience in their eyes as they grow older are presbyopia (where the eye lens becomes inflexible), a loss of sensitivity and the need for more light.

All of these may be annoying, but none of them are especially serious.

The good news for people these days is that they have more options for the types of glasses and contact lenses they want and need.

Annual eye check-ups are recommended for people who have medical conditions and who wear contact lenses or glasses.

However a check-up once every two years is appropriate for people who do not already wear corrective lenses.

Symptoms that might indicate your eyesight needs checking earlier than this are blurred vision, headaches and sore eyes.

by Alexa Kaczka

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