Oakley "developing rival to Project Glass"

Oakley "developing rival to Project Glass"

By Adrian Galbreth

Sunglasses manufacturer Oakley is developing a new type of advanced eyewear that could rival Google's new Project Glass concept when it is released, the company's chief executive has revealed.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Colin Baden said that research into new types of eyewear that can help to provide the wearer with information has been ongoing for 15 years.

It comes just a couple of weeks after the unveiling of Google's new Project Glass device, a headset similar to futuristic visors that provide people with information on the move.

Mr Baden said the main issues for both companies will be creating a product that is stylish and people will want to wear.

"People get very particular when they put stuff on their face. The technology barrier to success is significant," he told the news provider.

Although he did not put a date on when such developments would be rolled out, Mr Baden revealed that initial offerings would be targeted at athletes to enhance sports performance.

by Emily Tait

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