Eye surgery helps rock star to regain sight

Eye surgery helps rock star to regain sight

By Emily Tait

US rock star Charlie Daniels has revealed how he has been able to regain his eyesight and make life much clearer thanks to an eye operation.

The 75-year-old singer, whose famous hits include The Devil Went Down to Georgia, has had to use either contact lenses or glasses for over 68 years, ever since a high fever experienced when he was seven years old robbed him of some of his vision.

As a result of the fever, Daniels developed cataracts – a rare occurrence in a person so young – and has only had limited vision for the last seven decades.

However, he has now been given a new lease of life and is able to see as clearly as when he was just six years old, thanks to an innovative new process known as Smart Eye Surgery, WKRN-TV/Nashville reported.

The operation involves a surgeon removing the cataract in the eye normally, and then implanting a special lens that sits on top of the eye.

Daniels is one of the first people to undergo the operation, which was carried out on each eye two days apart to give him time to recover in between.

Dr Ming Wang, the Nashville cataract surgeon who carried out the new procedure on the southern rocker, explained: "We can actually do mid-flight adjustment on the operating table, before surgery is finished, to test drive to see how well, this particular patient’s body, in this case Mr Charlie Daniels, is reacting to the lens implanted."

Before the operation, Daniels told WKRN-TV/Nashville that he was looking forward to not having to reach up and pat around the table for glasses when he gets up in the morning to see where he is going.

Just over a week later, the singer was back in stage performing to his legions of fans, but this time he was able to see everybody in the arena - even those at the back of the room.

by Martin Burns

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