Contact lenses "are easy to use"

Contact lenses "are easy to use"

By Martin Burns

The developments in the contact lens industry in recent years mean that it is now easier than ever to use them, providing far greater convenience for wearers, one expert has pointed out.

Gavin Rebello, a sports vision expert, said: "Contact lenses are so brilliant these days. Daily lenses have revolutionised how we wear contact lenses, so literally you can dip in and dip out."

One of the best aspects of modern lenses is that wearers do not have to wear them on a full-time basis, which makes it easy to take part in certain activities.

"You can be in glasses at work and then if you want to go for a jog, you can slip into some contact lenses, do your run and then as soon as you get home you take them out and stick them straight in the bin," he added.

As long as people wash their hands properly, he said that contact lenses are extremely simple to use, particularly daily disposables.

Even for more complex variants and reusable contacts, Mr Rebello noted that people are fine as long as they have the appropriate solutions and clean them properly.

A further development that has made life easier is the inclusion of UV protection in contact lenses, the expert added, with vision correction being combined with safety.

He continued: "Acuvue have loaded UV blocking on all of their lenses now, which from a health and safety point of view is really important."

Mr Rebello explained that this is because their eyes are very vulnerable to UV damage, with the back of the eye being particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun, which can lead to macular degeneration later on in life.

"Also, UV has been linked with premature cataracts as well. Having a UV blocking in the contact lenses is a fantastic idea," he went on to state.

by Emily Tait

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