"Protect your eyes" this summer

"Protect your eyes" this summer

By Alexa Kackza

Although the flood warnings around the UK mean that summer has never felt further away, the truth is that it is just around the corner, and people need to start thinking about eye protection.

That is the advice used by optician Paul Harries, who told the Carmarthen Journal that there are sunglasses and contact lenses that can offer varying degrees of UV protection, while wide-brimmed hats are always a good idea.

He explained: "Good quality sunglasses need not be expensive and are an excellent investment in your ocular health. Once you have a pair, you will be surprised to discover that you use them all the year round, not just in the summer."

One example would be keeping them in the glove box to wear while driving, as they can dull the sun's dazzling rays while also offering UV protection, he told the newspaper.

As long as people take the relevant precautions, they should not fall foul of the sun's harmful rays this summer, Mr Harries explained.

by Martin Burns

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