Modern contact lenses "offer so much more"

Modern contact lenses "offer so much more"

By Martin Burns

People who have previously worn contact lenses but found them uncomfortable have been urged to try them out again, as a number of new lenses have made life far easier for wearers.

Whereas some older contacts may have led to dryness and slight discomfort, recent developments in the industry mean that wearers often forget they are even wearing them, such is the level of comfort, noted Gavin Rebello, a sports vision expert.

He explained that the key element in new designs is the ability for oxygen to permeate the lenses, as air needs to reach the eye so people have moist eyes and clear vision.

"The modern day silicon lenses have five times more oxygen than they have ever had before. Technology is just moving so quickly," Mr Rebello stated.

He noted that Acuvue is one brand that puts extra moisture in its lenses to ensure an additional level of comfort.

"There are a lot of people who have tried contact lenses before but they have given up because of the dryness - but that's really not an issue these days," the expert added.

by Martin Burns

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