Eye make-up on a budget

Eye make-up on a budget

A new book by India Knight has offered suggestions on keeping eyes made up while on a budget.

In an extract from Thrift Book published in the Daily Record, India advises against purchasing expensive mascara as it does not last for very long.

She also recommends going for dark eyeshadow rather than eyebrow pencils.

Pigment is the key element to eyeshadows, according to India, although anyone going for neutral tones can buy less expensive ones as pigment is not as important in these cases.

India also suggests buying cheap eye pencils, which can be softened using one"s hand or breath.

She also states that cheaper liquid eyeliners are often better and stay on even in water.

The Sunday Times recently listed a number of make-up tips from Bobbi Brown.

Concealer for underneath the eyes should lighter than the skin, while light eyeshadow should go up to the brow and medium colouring to the lid only.

by Martin Burns

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