Expert warns against "drive-through" laser eye surgery

Expert warns against "drive-through" laser eye surgery

An expert has warned people considering laser eye surgery to be wary of discount centres.

Dr Michael Vrabec of Valley Eye Associates in the US told the Post Crescent that discount centres offering LASIK treatments reached a popularity high approximately three or four years ago.

"These centres could never afford the best technology," he said.

He also noted that not everyone can get perfect vision from LASIK treatment but added that some of the most satisfied people are those who can get even some of their sight back.

Readers were also advised by Dr Elizabeth Holland of OptiVision Laser Centres to do some research they were considering the procedure.

She told people to try to talk to former patients and to establish how many cases a doctor has had before.

An alternative for vision correction is contact lenses.

Acuvue says that people who need glasses only for driving can still wear suitable contact lenses and also points out that they offer superior peripheral vision.

by Emily Tait

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