Coloured contact lenses "more popular than ever"

Coloured contact lenses "more popular than ever"

By Emily Tait

The popularity of coloured contact lenses has exploded in recent years thanks to a number of movie stars and pop icons using them, and the trend is only set to get bigger, it has been noted.

Contact lens expert Rob Doole says that the trend can be attributed to the rise of vampire and zombie films in recent years.

The most obvious of these is the Twilight Saga, with the film adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's novels making stars of Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart.

In addition, the coloured contacts used by the stars in the films - including red, yellow and orange variants – have become hugely popular.

"Since we captured the first glimpse of Bella Swan the vampire we knew that red colour contact lenses would be popular. We predict that this Halloween, costume lovers won't be channelling their love for Edward or Alice's vampirific look," Mr Doole noted.

Instead, he predicted that contact lens users will be focusing on getting the Bella Swan look "down to perfection", with coloured contact lenses used to achieve this.

Another key driver of the coloured contact lens trend has been Lady Gaga, with the flamboyant superstar wearing all manners of coloured contacts for her music videos and on-stage performances.

Mr Doole said that the resulting surge in popularity of the products highlights just how influential Gaga is.

"We believe that the trend to follow celebrity fashion will only get bigger as celebrity culture continues to dominate news headlines, our television screens and the covers of our favourite magazines," he added.

The expert also noted that reality stars such as Kim Kardashian have been sporting coloured contacts recently, and these green and grey variants will also rise in popularity as fans seek to emulate their stars.

"Grey contact lenses have always been a popular choice with our customers, but as of late the popularity of them has increased further. I put this down to Kim Kardashian posting images of herself wearing a pair of grey colour contact lenses," he stated.

According to the expert, coloured contact lenses are very much here to stay as people seek to look like the stars.

by Martin Burns

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