New contact lens innovations "provide HD vision"

New contact lens innovations "provide HD vision"

By Martin Burns

The latest innovations in the world of contact lenses mean that people are able to benefit from a previous unheard of standard of vision, one expert on the subject has pointed out.

Nick Dash is an optometrist and a specialist sports vision optometrist based at Loughborough University, said that some new products can provide wearers with so called 'HD vision'.

"This new innovative technology from Bausch and Lomb can provide the High Definition Vision in most prescriptions, including people with astigmatism. This often provides vision 'better than 20:20', achieved by correcting micro distortions of our vision called 'higher order aberrations'," he explained.

He added that the technology present in such 'HD' lenses such as PureVision2 HD improves quality of vision in all conditions, most especially low light situations, under flood lights or even the common night glare that many people find challenging.

"In this modern age there is a contact lens available to suit almost every need, even for those that have previously struggled with lenses, so they are definitely worth considering," Mr Dash added.

by Emily Tait

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