Laser eye surgery patients "have more than one option"

Laser eye surgery patients "have more than one option"

By Alexa Kaczka

People who are considering undergoing laser eye surgery have been informed that there is more than one procedure available to them.

Ophthalmologist Dr Leo Maguire, who has performed laser eye surgery on patients at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, told the Post Bulletin that the most modern and popular form of treatment is Lasik surgery, though Lasek and PRK are also both available.

He explained that while each type enables improved vision at distance by changing the shape of the cornea, Lasik results in the quickest improvement in visual function, with the majority of patients seeing clearly within one day.

Conversely, Lasek and PRK take a week or more to recover from and are also associated with slightly more discomfort during the process, which for many people makes Lasik more preferable.

He told the news provider: "Patients want five main things from laser refractive surgery: minimal pain, quick recovery, accuracy of refraction, excellent optical quality and stability over the long haul."

Whichever version people choose, Dr Maguire noted that the success rate of laser eye surgery is now higher than ever and for this reason it is more popular than ever before.

by Adrian Galbreth

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