Men "have plenty of eyewear options" this summer

Men "have plenty of eyewear options" this summer

By Emily Tait

With the onset of summer comes the annual fashion battle as people aim to look their best when out and about, and top of the list when it comes to stylish accessories is sunglasses.

This year, men's sunglasses are set to be big news and, best of all, either the retro or modern look can be sported in the warmer months, says fashion expert Marc Streisand, writing for Go Local Worcester.

He explained that retro and modern are the two basic genres of sunglasses, with the former all about the classics - clean and sophisticated lines for a professional look, such as the Ray Ban Aviator. 

"Meanwhile, modern glasses are cool these days as well. Modern glasses tend to have larger plastic, colourful rims. While these tend to be a little less sophisticated, they make up major ground in showcasing creativity and fun," the expert added.

Mr Streisand advised that, no matter which style people opt to go for, the key is ensuring that the frames are perfect for their faces. Then it is simply a matter of choosing the right design and heading outdoors.

by Emily Tait

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