Bobbi Brown: Good brushes important for eye make-up

Bobbi Brown: Good brushes important for eye make-up

The importance of having a high quality brush for applying make-up to the eyes has been stressed by make-up artist Bobbi Brown.

She told South Florida publication Sun Sentinel that people should use good brushes for their eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyebrows.

"The brushes that come with cosmetics may not always be of the best quality, or they can be too small and narrow to properly apply make-up," she explained.

Brushes should also be cleaned every month or two and Brown detailed how to do this.

The brush"s bristles should be dampened, swirled around in the palm of one"s hand with some soap and then rinsed, with the extra water pressed out with a towel.

After putting the brush head back into shape, allow the bristles to air dry.

Christine Egashira of Sephora Pro Beauty Team also suggested acquiring an eye crease brush in order to blend the make-up.

Meanwhile, ethical eye make-up buyers have been given an option by sofeminine.co.uk.

The Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box contains a range of eyeshadows in a sustainable bamboo case.

by Emily Tait

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