Can fringes damage your eyesight?

Can fringes damage your eyesight?

By Emily Tait

Over the years, experts have claimed that many different things can damage people's health, from mobile phones harming the brain to TVs making your eyes go square, but one specialist is now alleging that having a fringe can affect your sight.

According to leading optometrists Andrew Hogan, people who wear fringe that covers their eyes may be running the risk of developing problems with focus on other aspects of their vision.

Speaking to the Australian Daily Telegraph, he gave the example of fans of emo music who seek to emulate their favourite artists.

"'If a young emo chap has a fringe covering one eye all the time, that eye won't see a lot of detail. And if it happens from a young age, that eye can become amblyotic," he said.

Amblyopia, better known as a lazy eye, is most often developed in childhood when a young person cannot see out of one eye and so develops a reliance on the other, which leads to the eye with poor vision becoming 'lazy' and the pupil pointing in a different direction.

Mr Hogan claims a long fringe swept over half the face is akin to wearing an eye patch, noting: "If you walk around with an eye patch on all day, then that eye will end up seeing more poorly than the other eye."

However, his theory has been challenged by many experts, with amblyopia specialist Dr Leonard Press telling MSNBC that eyesight is so well established by the time people reach the age of seven that a hairstyle would not affect vision at all.

"The story would only be true if you had somebody young enough, and if that person never looked out of that eye - if it was blocked 24-7. The reason it's false is that you don't have that constant deprivation," he added.

by Emily Tait

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