New Snellen eye test "relies on honesty"

New Snellen eye test "relies on honesty"

By Alexa Kaczka

A new form of eye test being brought in to evaluate the visual acuity of the nation's drivers will largely rely on honesty, it has been confirmed.

From the start of this month, the DVLA revealed that it can no longer issue a driving licence to people who had been found to have eyesight below a standard of 6/12 on the new Snellen standard.

However, the licensing authority is largely relying on this information being volunteered by drivers.

According to the organisation, it has revised the visual acuity standard required by bus and lorry drivers to 6/7.5 in their better eye, while they must also pass a medical examination with a GP before they can gain their licence.

The DVLA explained that other means of investigating regular drivers' sight will be used, but for the most part honesty will be the policy.

According to the DVLA, the changes have been made in order to comply with the EU minimum driver licensing standards and ensure that all UK motorists come in line.

by Emily Tait

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