New contact lens "may help diabetes sufferers"

New contact lens "may help diabetes sufferers"

By Martin Burns

Contact lenses have been helping to make people's lives easier for many years, but a new development could even help to improve their health.

Chemist Jun Hu, who works at the University of Akron in Ohio, has been formulating a new type of contact lens which he claims can assist people in the monitoring of diabetes.

Whereas many diabetes sufferers are forced to take blood samples to monitor their insulin levels, which can be uncomfortable and even painful, the new contact lens monitors blood sugar changes in the eye, and changes colour to alert people to any significant shifts.

Mr Hu explained that it works in a similar way to how pH paper does when people are assessing the acid or alkaline levels in a liquid.

As only a tiny amount of the blood sugar-sensing chemical would need to be added to the contact lens, it would be just as comfortable as other contacts on the market, the expert claims, but have the added benefit of monitoring people's health.

by Martin Burns

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