Brits make worrying "eye test cutbacks" during recession

Brits make worrying "eye test cutbacks" during recession

By Alexa Kaczka

People are cutting back on essential eye tests and dental checks in order to make ends meet during the recession, according to new research.

Seventeen per cent of people are having eyesight checks less often, the poll by HPI revealed, which could mean they are overdue for glasses or contact lens upgrades.

Even more people are skipping dental appointments, with 19 per cent overdue for giving their teeth and gums a check up.

But it's not just health checks that people are missing - 67 per cent of consumers are re-assessing all of their spending priorities in a bid to save money.

HPI study author Juliet Strachan explained: "The scale of cutbacks people are making and the impact spans almost every aspect of life from spending, bills and shopping to health, socialising and diet."

However, she said it was particularly worrying that people are spending less money on important aspects of their health and personal welfare.

Failing to get your eyes checked regularly could have implications not just for your own safety, but also that of others.

Earlier this month, Dorset Road Safe underlined the dangers of driving with an impairment, indicating that having poor eyesight is never an excuse for breaking the law.

by Alexa Kaczka

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