CooperVision unveils latest contact lenses

CooperVision unveils latest contact lenses

By Adrian Galbreth

CooperVision has unveiled its new contact lenses, which the company claims will help to boost the eyesight of people who suffer form both presbyopia and dry eye.

According to the organisation, its Proclear 1 day multifocal lens can tackle presbyopia and dry eye through its innovative lens design, thanks to a safe and reliable biocompatible material that uses a form of modified monovision.

Optician Online reports that this single lens design can cater for additional powers up to +2.50 and can use different powers in each eye in order to achieve vision at both close range and longer distances.

According to CooperVision's UK marketing manager Rob Healey, the use of Proclear's PC Technology material was targeted at patients who have enjoyed its comfort for single vision wear, and can also reassure practitioners.

He explained to the website: "A lot of people have been wearing contact lenses for 30 years, but opticians tend to offer patients progressive spectacle lenses first as it is easier than suggesting multifocal contact lenses, especially for first-time wearers."

According to Mr Healey, the new Proclear lenses could appeal to the 35-50 age group, who can benefit from multifocal contact lenses and show practices that there is an option for older people concerned about comfort.

He added: "We have a big advantage because all of the practitioners know Proclear and we have thousands of wearers so it's a natural progression."

by Emily Tait

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