Demanding computer work "increases eye strain"

Demanding computer work "increases eye strain"

People who regularly spend time in front of a computer carrying out visually demanding tasks are at a greater risk of eye strain, a new report suggests.

Experts from Department of Optometry and Visual Science at Buskerud University College in Norway have found that glare and increased squinting can lead to elevated tension in the orbicularis oculi muscle and the development of eye muscle pain.

The aim of the study, led by researcher Hanne-Mari Schiotz Thorud, was to investigate the development of discomfort symptoms in relation to muscle activity and muscle blood flow in the orbicularis oculi muscle during computer work with visual strain.

It involved a group of healthy young adults with normal vision being exposed to visual stressors such as glare and small font for two hours, with their muscle load and blood flow measured over this period.

Experts found that there were significant positive correlations between eye-related tiredness and orbicularis oculi muscle load and eye-related pain and muscle blood flow.

Subjects who developed eye-related pain also showed elevated orbicularis oculi muscle blood flow during computer work, according to the scientists, who recommend regular eye examinations and wearing glasses or contact lenses during demanding computer working hours for people with eye-related pain.ADNFCR-1853-ID-801391642-ADNFCR

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