Coloured contact lenses "proving popular" this summer

Coloured contact lenses "proving popular" this summer

There has been a rise in the number of people wearing coloured contact lenses to events and parties in recent times, it has been claimed.

Contact lens expert Rob Doole said that the popularity of the products is being driven by interest from fashionistas aiming to transform their appearance, as well as people heading to fancy dress parties as their favourite film characters.

"Ever since the sun has come out blue coloured contact lenses have become extremely popular with our customers, which truly indicates that summer is here," he explained.

Mr Doole added that 'natural' coloured contact lenses such as brown and other dark hues are popular during the colder months, but as soon as the summer begins, blue contacts are "immensely popular".

He pointed to the success of movies as a reason for the boost in popularity, as people look to emulate their favourite hero or heroine.

This has also led to a popularity in special Fx lenses such as those worn by Mystique and Storm in X-Men.

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