Laser eye surgery "is well worth it"

Laser eye surgery "is well worth it"

By Alexa Kaczka

Undergoing laser eye surgery is something that people will not regret, as it opens up a number of possibilities, one patient has attested.

Rochelle Rose underwent the procedure recently and said that one of the most surprising aspects of it was that the operation was painless and she left the facility feeling great.

"All I remember is seeing lights. They put the numbing drops, I saw a couple lights. I didn't feel anything. I didn't feel them touching my eye. They just made me keep my eye open and I didn't feel anything," she explained to WPRI.com.

Ms Rose added that it has meant she can now do plenty of things that she could not before, such as wearing eye makeup, which used to bother her when she used vision correction, and also heading to the beach.

"I would stay away from the beach also because of the sand blowing, but I can look fashionable in my glasses or my sunglasses now," she stated.

by Emily Tait

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