New Bausch + Lomb contact lens is approved

New Bausch + Lomb contact lens is approved

By Martin Burns

Contact lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb will soon be rolling out its latest line of contacts, after the products were given clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The company announced that its Biotrue ONEday daily disposable contact lens passed the necessary compliance tests and can now be sold to the general public once formalities have been completed.

Announcing the approval, Biotrue noted that the ONEday lens is made from HyperGel, a new type of daily disposable material that combines the features of conventional hydrogels and silicone hydrogels.

According to the company, the lens offers high water content while delivering more oxygen than a traditional hydrogel, and also maintains the comfort of conventional lenses, without the need for silicone.

Bausch + Lomb claims that the lenses are able to provide consistent, clear, comfortable vision throughout the day because the innovative, bio-inspired material helps them retain moisture and optical shape even after hours of wear.

Dr Calvin Roberts, executive vice president and chief medical officer at Bausch + Lomb, explained that some people often report that they have blurred vision at the end of the day or have to blink a few times to clear their vision when they are working on their computer.

"HyperGel helps our new Biotrue ONEday contact lenses mimic our own healthy tears and maintains virtually the same moisture level of the natural eye. This helps Biotrue ONEday contact lenses retain their shape and maintain clear vision throughout the day," he added.

Sheila Hopkins, president of global vision care at Bausch + Lomb, noted that the new contacts will be available in the UK later this year.

"Biotrue ONEday lenses are the first contact lenses to feature the revolutionary new material HyperGel offering contact lens wearers comfortable vision throughout the day and helping to address the unmet needs of today's contact lens wearer," she added.

by Adrian Galbreth

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