Contact lenses the only option for baseball player

Contact lenses the only option for baseball player

By Alexa Kaczka

A top baseball player in the US has revealed that contact lenses are the only effective form of vision correction on the field of play.

Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman has revealed that he has stooped using glasses and has gone back to wearing contacts during matches, following failed experience with the frames.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that he is using a combination of contact lenses and some medicated eyedrops to help keep his eyes moist on the field and able him to hit or catch the ball.

"I’m going with contacts now. I can’t see in glasses," the player was reported by the newspaper as saying.

The main reason that he could not hit the ball when wearing glasses was that the nosepiece on the frame effectively created a blind spot where his field of vision was non-existent, meaning it was impossible to gauge the flight of the ball.

"That’s why you never seen anybody with glasses when they hit," added Freeman, who will now hope his contacts can improve his aim and inspire the team to victory.

by Martin Burns

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