Contact lens firm doubles India sales

Contact lens firm doubles India sales

A contact lens firm whose products help people suffering from keratoconus has doubled its sales in India.

David Thomas Contact Lenses, based in Northampton, made use of the Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS) from UK Trade and Investment.

The firm produces the Rose K contact lens that helps sufferers of keratoconus, which is especially common in India, the Northampton Chronicle and Echo reports.

Sales director Graham Avery told the paper that the company expects sales to double again over the coming year.

"The benefits of using OMIS have already proved to be invaluable and I would encourage more businesses to follow suit," he said.

A degenerative condition, keratoconus causes the cornea of the eye to become thinner and assume a more conical shape than it should have.

Sufferers may experience light sensitivity, vision distortion and see multiple images.

Contact lenses may be enough to correct the vision problem, although surgery might be required if the condition deteriorates.

by Martin Burns

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