Supermodel gives eye makeup tips to Michelle Obama

Supermodel gives eye makeup tips to Michelle Obama

The new First Lady has been offered expert advice on how to make up her eyes to their best advantage.

Supermodel Iman told Access Hollywood that Michelle Obama would suit "a dark emerald green or dark cobalt blue" which she said would work on the First Lady"s eyelids and would not be too much for the daytime.

Iman went on to suggest Mrs Obama use a lighter shade in the hollow of her eyes and at the line of her lashes, before blending them all together.

Furthermore, the model said that if Mrs Obama makes up her eyes and cheeks properly, she will need only to make her lips darker for an evening appearance.

Meanwhile, Tampa Bays publication 10connects.com has revealed that a spring make-up trend is a softer variation of the "smoky eyes" look.

Writer Jessica Rivelli said that purples, blues and greys are the fashionable choices and suggested applying eyeliner before smudging eyeshadow along the line of the lashes.

by Martin Burns

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